• Charlotte Pearce

Graphic design – art or science?

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

Some websites fail to hold peoples’ attention because they simply have too many words. Or they’re badly designed or out of date.

True, it is often words and not pictures that are the building blocks. But as individuals we react to sites based on their appearance, including colour and layout, often making an emotive decision about the site before we’ve read a single word.

So how someone uses a site is soon determined as their eyes settle on a site for the first time.

This is why graphic design plays such a big part in site’s success. It combines art and contemporary digital technology to create something people enjoy as part of their decision-making process.

Typography and illustrations combine to convey information. Pictures help present information, often making information more readily understood.

Graphic design can help sell a product or service through visual communications.

Our graphic designer team works with web designers to create both the look and feel of a website, striving for the best user experience possible, given the constraints of budget and time, alongside client expectations. We need to keep up with technology and changes in working practices, such as the increasing use of on-the-go devices.

It’s a tough challenge – but a rewarding one.